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The Big Boy Credit Repair Experience

Big Boy Funding started with a vision to help people re-establish their credit after seeing the long term effects that identity theft, bad credit, negative items, and even hard inquiries can leave on one's future, and even their legacy. We want to be a part of the solution that helps people effectively and legally restore their credit, remove hard to fight, obsolete, and incorrect negative items and hard inquiries and are committed to effectively being there for our clients every step of the way in the process so that we can work with them to launch their own business, and qualify for the apartments, and home loans that they wouldn't be able to get otherwise.

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Our Wide Range Of Solutions Designed To Help You Meet Your Goals.

From Credit Repair To Authorized User Tradelines, and Into Personal Funding our Consumer Credit Solutions at Big Boy Funding are designed to meet our clients where they are at in their credit journey. Whether you are just starting out in the process of building your credit for the first time or, you are looking to repair your credit after identity theft, job loss, foreclosure or bankruptcy in order to obtain financing, start a business or to get approved for a new home loan, auto loan or even a new car our solutions are designed to meet your needs, and are fully customizable to your unique situation while keeping your goals for the future in mind. In addition to our Consumer Credit Division we have also launched our business solutions division of Big Boy Funding is here to get you the funding you desire that fits your particular situation when aiming to start, launch or expand your business. From Aged Corporations to 80 Paydex solutions, we additionally partner with 23 different funding sources to get you the funding that meets your unique business' needs as quickly as possible through the process of getting you and your business credit ready and pre-qualified.

So after a week of working with Big Boy Funding and their credit repair service, it works I repeat it works. One of my accounts jumped (109) points and second one jumped (14) points in just a week. I've had ups and down with other credit companies never work with one that has been on 100% up and up. And I would say if you're looking for credit repair this is a perfect fit because they will do what they say. I signed my wife up as well looking for the results for her as well.


Notya M.

San Francisco, CA

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