Aged Corporations

Aged Corporations have the power to turn a startup into a seasoned business that is seasoned overnight just based on their history alone.

At Big Boy Funding we aim to provide the highest quality of aged corporations that are ready to transfer and look forward to serving our clients with their startup and business expansion needs.  When combined with the knowledge that our team has in effectively helping startups grow their businesses through providing history in business, trust in business, and integrity in business we believe that the sky is the limit and anything is possible. 

  • Get Instant Time In Business with 2+ years of aged business history.
  • Get Instant Credibility and Trust with an established business.
  • Qualify for Large Corporate Contracts and Government Contracts
  • Get Access To Our All Star Network of CPA’s and Asset Protection Attorneys That We Can Connect You To Through Our Network of State by State Professionals specializing in the legal and financial advice that you need moving forward.
  • Get our guide to Building your 80 Paydex successfully in as little as 45 days that automatically comes with a monthly check in and Q&A session with our team of credit building experts.  
  • Get a Free Digital Marketing consulting call with an expert marketing strategist that has almost 20 years of experience in building Digital Marketing Strategies and working on the implementation of them.  Whether you are wanting to hire an agency or implement the strategy yourself, this team can build out the strategy that you need, and then implement it to either hand it all over to you or manage it themselves. Need printed branding material (business cards, letterhead, C-Level Resumes, business letters, and or Ecourses and books designed or written – just to name a few things) – the team can assist you with all of that and more as well.
  • Get a Free Consulting call with our team of designers that can design a logo, social media logos and cover photos, and a website complete with SEO optimized content in as little as 3 days after the purchase of your aged corporations.  Get your website designed while you wait on your aged corporations to get transferred, customized to meet and fit your needs. Great for startups that want to own their domain, own their website, retain control of their website, and not worry about programming malfunctions when they post a blog article or decide to offer a new product or service.  These easily managed websites come with everything a startup needs to further gain the respect and attention new businesses need to compete and thrive in their industries while continuing to grow over time, all at an affordable price.
  • Get the full setup that you need with our additional features designed to get your business legal in every state that you work out of.  From DBA’s to Foreign Entity Registrations, and even down to S Corp registrations and much more – we have you covered in setting you and your new business up right, right from the start.

Take the reigns and launch your business in as little as 24 hours with aged corporations that get you instant time in business and help you qualify for financing up to $500K from Big Boy Funding. 

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